A Venue Without Walls for creators to form a community around any gathering of people.

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How It Works

With a simple scan of a QR code, your fans and backers can now create and share content with you right from their mobile web browser. No apps, passwords, or downloads required!
How SubWiFi Works


Music & Technology United

We combine unconventional backgrounds and the gift of grit to drive our our mission to enable one million creators to sustain a living on the SubWiFi platform every year.
Mike Terry
Founder & CEO

After creating and leading technology software startups (SeeTheScene.TV, LAWFTY) as CTO for the past 10+ years, Mike stepped out on his own to launch SubWiFi with the engineering background from MIT and an interest and commitment to using technology and music to spark creative and meaningful interactions among communities of people.

Jesse Ruiz
Co-Founder / Head of Growth & Community

Jesse spent several years in media and entertainment strategy inside Youtube and Disney frior to his MBA at UC Berkeley. He brings a passion for using blockchain and web3 technologies to generate opportunities for under-discovered creators.

Alex Davidoff
Full-Stack Engineer

Alex combines music, engineering and math to bring the team's creative vision to life via mobile & web technologies.


426 Sterling Pl 1D Brooklyn NY 11238


Office : +1 347 382 9279


Office: creators@subwifi.com
Site: subwifi.com